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Military Road Residents Welfare Association (MRRWA)*

For a Concerned and Caring Neighbourhood !

Military Road Residents Welfare Association (MRRWA) is an NGO with a powerful presence and wide reach, representing the interests and aspirations of nearly ten thousand people staying on Military Road, D.P. Road, Ashok Nagar area in Marol suburb of the commercial capital of India - Mumbai.
We are a non-political organisation with a holistic approach towards community development.

What was started in a small way by an even smaller group of civic conscious and dedicated citizens of the area has, today, become a movement - 'WE CARE' movement. 'WE CARE' movement is a home grown movementfor a concerned and caring neighbourhood.
Civic societies cannot solely depend on statutory bodies to carry out their duties. These bodies have their own constraints. It is for us to cultivate a concerned and caring neighbourhood, a place fit to make us proud. The sum total of all neighbourhoods constitutes India. Surely, we would all like to be proud Indians.
We at MRRWA have taken a small step to achieve this task.
We have completed over 3 years of selfless service to the society in pursuing our objectives of protecting the environment and improving the quality of life of the residents
We now urge you to take a small step forward and participate in the 'WE CARE' movement.


Bharat - Van project under active development.

Mission Statement

We are committed to build a demonstrable model of successful community development, which could be replicated by others.

Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list.