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Military Road Residents Welfare Association (MRRWA)*


The Achievements and Plans ...
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The Achievements and Plans ...

In its short existence till now, MRRWA has already achieved several noteworthy milestones. In addition, we have quite a few socially and environmentally significant projects in hand.
Some examples are:

The achievements so far ...

* Ekta Path Project - Widening of Military Road, street lighting, strom water drain, etc
* Saaf Aangan Project - A clean and green frontage
* Saaf Nagari Project - Daily door-to-door garbage collection, hence 'garbage-bin free' zone
* Swastha Nagrik Project - Campaigns towards healthy living in the neighbourhood
* Bharat-Van Project - The development and maintenance of 4-5 acre garden plot. The objective is to preserve Mother Nature and promote community interaction
* Environment Protection Project - Awareness campaigns in the neighbourhood
All these projects are ongoing in nature

The Plans Ahead ...

Phase II of various on-going projects like:
* Ekta Path Project
* Bharat-Van Project
* Swastha nagrik Project
In addition, new projects like:
* Vermiculture Project - We propose to add value to the waste generated in our neighbourhood
* Swachha Nagar Project - Drainage and sewerage improvement
* Amar Dhara Project - Water conservation and recycling of water
* Suraksha Path Project - Clear and clean footpaths without any unauthorised hawkers, vendors and stalls - a pedestrian's delight!

To sign up or volunteer for an event, see our "Contact Us" page.