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2a.centerfarm: Business & Marketing Consulting


2A.centerfarm (a division of 2A ASSOCIATES) is an INDIA-BASED young & professional organisation managed by a core group with around 45 years of exposure to Indian Corporate World
  • Pharma prescription formulations
  • Pharma generic formulations
  • Health implants
  • OTC consumer products
  • Textile dyestuffs & speciality chemicals
  • Leather speciality chemicals
  • Organic pigment powders
  • Construction & infrastructure


  • General management
  • Corporate planning
  • Sales & marketing
  • Sourcing & logistics
  • Distribution
  • Advertising and sales promotion
  • Marketing research
  • Training and development


The endeavour of


Business & Marketing Consulting

is to offer Implementation Friendly Applied Marketing Solutions. Our Basic Services are: 

  • Business & Marketing Consulting
  • Business & Marketing Workshops
  • Operational Support, Review & Corrections
  • Marketing Resource Exchange

The focus is to build our competence as a service provider rather than an advisor

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Please get in touch for more information or if you have specific questions about our services. We look forward to working with you.



Business & Marketing Consulting
(A division of 2A ASSOCIATES)
C-2113, Oberoi Garden Estate 
Off Saki - Vihar Road, Andheri East
Mumbai, INDIA, 400 072

Phone  : 91-22-29254176
Telefax : 91-22-29208312

E-mail: ;

For Implementation Friendly Applied Marketing Solutions